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Automatic cabe coiling and packing system

Automatic cable coiling and packing solutions: automatic cabe coiler and wrapper, cable winding machine and strapping machine, cable coiling and shrinking machine, cable coil stacking machine...

Automatic cable winding and wrapping machine--horizontal

Multi-function cable winding and wrapping machine:
In order to meet the growing demand for packaging quality and management market, Fhope now offers a range of multi-functional cable windings and packaging machines to meet the needs of our customers in order to meet the fast transition between materials.
Automatic cable winding and wrapping machine--horizontal
The packaging line of the automatic cable coil is mainly used for the packaging of the cable coil, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and fine packaging, which saves labor and material costs. It can also customize mechanical specifications and production according to customer requirements.
1. Can be connected to the rack and production line;
2. The take-up speed is four times the manual speed;
3. It can be connected with the automatic packaging machine, automatically wrap the PVC film, and label the roll;
4. If the automatic coiler and the automatic packaging machine operate at the same time, the speed will be seven times faster than the manual.
a. Servo motor wire, the wire is more perfect and more beautiful than the manual winding wire;
b. The PLC can store the wire volume specification. When the wire volume specification needs to be replaced, only the storage specification needs to be read;
c. Automatically check the wrong function and automatically send a signal when an error occurs;
d. performance;
e. Voltage: AC380V, 3-phase, 50HZ or provided by the customer;
f. Operation direction: Enter the line from the left or choose by the customer;
g. Wire diameter: ¢1.5-12mm diameter, wire, data line, pattern line, BV/AV power line, construction line.
h. Winding shaft speed: 200rpm max.
i. Product delivery: gripping
j. Extra long: 0.01m, self-deceleration during detection;
k. Rotary shaft: Servo motor control shaft, connected to the pay-off machine;
l. Electrical circuit control: Graphical operation interface (PLC);
m. Switch and instrument of operation panel: touch screen, speed control button, emergency switch;
n. PLC has spark source node
o. PLC has a diameter test node


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