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Autoamtic Steel Wire rewinding and packing line

The automatic steel wire winding and packing machine is a type of packaging machinery that is used to package steel wire in a more efficient and automated way. It is typically used in steel wire drawing factories, where the machine takes large wire reels and wraps them into smaller coils, often using steel wire, PET or PE straps, or other binding materials. The machine is typically part of a larger packaging line that includes various other machines and systems, such as length checking and weight checking equipment, as well as printing and tracking systems that can be integrated with MES and ERP systems. The use of an automatic wire winding and packing machine can help to improve the efficiency and productivity of steel wire manufacturers, as well as reduce the amount of manual labor required for the packaging process.
The smaller wire coils produced through rewinding and packing machine are easier to handle and store, and can be used in a variety of applications. Wire rewinding is typically done using specialized equipment, such as an automatic wire winding and coil packing machine, which can wrap the wire into a coil and bind it with steel wire, straps, or other materials to keep it secure.

Automatic Wire Winding and Packing Machine