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Automatic coiler FCL-H800

Automatic coiler FCL-H800
Switching Cabinets
The electrical devices are installed on mounting plates in closed cabinets, protection degree IP20, designed in form 1 based on EN 60439-1. Each cabinet has a designation label on the door with the appropriate location indicator.
The subdivision of the individual cabinets is made according to their respective functions:
 o Feed
 o Control voltage generation, auxiliary drive
 o Main drive
 o Control
Cooling of the Switch gear
By fans cooling
Lighting of the Switch gear
Lighting for the switchgear is provided by a lamp combination with outlet built into every other switching cabinet.
Safety Coverings
The used components are protected against accidental contact. Additional endanger components under voltage are covered with transparent covers and warning labels in all transformers, fuses, breakers and copper tracks, etc.
The wiring is flexible for all control circuits and lies in covered cable conduits. Attention is given that these cable conduits are filled only up to 70% with wires. The wire color codes and diameters conform to EN 60204.
Terminal Strips
The terminal strips are mounted approximately 250 mm from the lower edge of the switching cabinets.
The terminal strips have labels showing their respective terminal strip number. Each individual terminal is given a terminal number corresponding to the wiring diagram.
Cable stop bars are installed to prevent excessive tension on the outgoing cables.
Identification labels
Each device in the switching cabinet is provided with an adhesive label indicating the designation of the module in the wiring diagram.
Wire Identification
Identification of the individual wires is necessary for the internal wiring in the switching cabinets.
The identification of the incoming and outgoing cables and lines is designed in such a way that they can always be read without detaching the connections or removing the cable stop clamps. The individual wires of a cable can be identified by the terminal number of the connection point. The cable can be identified by its cable number.
Internet assistance unit
Not applicable
Motor drives
For the motors, where we use three-phase asynchronous motors, the basic specifications of the drives is :
Wide range of adjustable speeds
Speed to zero without reduction of the torque
External air-cooling fans
Transmitter for registering the motor speed
Terminal box for connecting of power cables
Motor temperature monitoring
Protection IP55 (in special cases IP23)
Insulation class F

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