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horizontal autobag machine FP-H24-TR

horizontal autobag machine FP-H24-TR
The horizontal autobag machine from FHOPE is a highly advanced and user-friendly packaging solution. The multi-position unwind with tension control allows for quick and easy changeover, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. The simple layout with few moving parts also helps to lower lifetime costs and improve reliability, which can be important considerations for businesses looking to invest in packaging equipment. The control screen with access to the help system, on-board diagnostics, and performance data is another useful feature that can help users to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and keep the machine running smoothly. Overall, it seems that the horizontal autobag machine is well equipped to meet the needs of businesses in a variety of industries.
  model                                           FP-H24-TR
1 Descrition                                    Horizontal Roll Bag Automatic Printing & Packaging Machine
2 Dimension(L×W×H)mm               1400x860x1240
3 Power                                          AC 120V/220V,60/50Hz 400W
4 Compress Air                                0.7Mpa
5 Bag Width                                    6cm to 40cm
6 Bag Length                                   20cm to100cm
7 Film Thickness                               0.04-0.15mm
8 Efficiency                                       20 bags / minute
9 Interface                                       7" HMI+7"HMI Chinese/English Manual
10 Startup Mode                               Foot switch/Start button/Push bar/External sinnal
11 Safety                                           Safety grating
12 External Signal                           Dry Contact, seen at external port definition in detail
13 Print Area                                  53mm x 125mm(SVM 53 C AB)
14 Print Resolution                           12 dots/mm (300dpi) horizontally and vertically
15 Print Communications           RS-232(PC), LAN(Ethernet), USB
16 Barcodes                          1D Barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODABAR, ITF 2of5, ITF 14, UPC-A, UPC-E), 2D Barcodes (Data matrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec code), GS-1 Barcodes( GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix, GS1-Databar barcodes)
17 Compatible software          SAYASIS Label Design (Real time date and time, text, counter, logo, shift codes, 1D/2D barcodes, GS-1 barcodes and GS-1 Creation Wizard support), Windows Printer Driver (32-64 bit), Teklynx Software (Code soft, Label view, and Label matrix), Emulator support, managing printer via SPPL (Savema Protocol) commands, working with all True-Type fonts (if font doesn’t pre-loaded, it must be imported to printer), Remote display control from PC, .csv file support for database

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