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Table auto bagger FP-A08

Table auto bagger FP-A08
The Autobag FP-A08 is a powerful and efficient bagging machine. It has a high cycle rate and is designed to maximize machine uptime and minimize total cost of ownership. These features can be important considerations for businesses looking to optimize their packaging processes.
Is the Autobag FP-A08 capable of handling a wide range of bag sizes and materials? Can it be easily integrated into an existing packaging line, or does it require a dedicated setup? How does it handle product loading and bag sealing? These are some additional questions that may be relevant when evaluating a bagging machine like the Autobag FP-A08.
The Autobag FP-A08 has a safe design that does not require light curtains or double palm switches for hand-load operations. These types of safety features are important to ensure that operators can work safely and efficiently.
The fact that the machine is configurable for left- or right-hand access to the HMI, cycle switch, and bag loading area is also a useful feature that can help improve ergonomics and productivity for operators. It's important for businesses to consider the ergonomics of their packaging equipment, as it can have a significant impact on the comfort and well-being of operators.
In addition to its design and ergonomic features, it's also helpful to consider the performance and capabilities of the Autobag FP-A08. For example, what types of bags can it handle, and what is the maximum bag size and weight capacity? How does it handle product loading and bag sealing, and what options are available for these processes? How easy is it to set up and maintain the machine, and what types of support and training are available from the manufacturer? These are some additional questions that may be helpful to consider when evaluating the Autobag FP-A08.
                model                                  FP-A08
1 Descrition                            Roll Bag Packaging Machine 8" Standard Version
2 Dimension(L×W×H)mm       483×680×570
3 Power                                   AC 120V/220V,60/50Hz 400W
4 Compress Air                        0.7Mpa
5 Bag Width                            6cm to 20cm
6 Bag Length                           10cm to 40cm
7 Film Thickness                       0.04-0.15mm
8 Efficiency                              25-30 bags / minute
9 Interface                               7" HMI(Chinese/English Manual)
10 Startup Mode                        Foot switch/Start button/Push bar/External sinnal
11 Safety                                    Safety
12 External Signal              Dry Contact, seen at external port agreement
13 Print Area                               NA
14 Print Resolution               Print Resolution
15 Print Communications NA
16 Barcodes                                 NA
17 Compatible software                 NA

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