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Automatic pipe coiler FCL-V800

Automatic pipe coiler FCL-V800
The automatic winder FCL-800 is a complete line that automatically completes a series of complete steps from fixed length, then winding, cutting, bundling and winding to the final step of the production line. The belt and connecting terminals are automatically adjusted by means of safety welding. When the strap is inserted, the motor automatically turns off.
The winding speed is up to 80 meters per minute. The surface of the coil is smooth and wavy. We can use two basic packaging methods to make the product faster, more compact and more beautiful. The polypropylene is sealed when the strapping machine is bundled. The belt and connection terminals are automatically adjusted by safety welding. The motor will automatically turn off when the belt is inserted.
1. PLC control program.
2. Setting parameters can be used to control the program.
3. The OD of the winding is adjustable.
4. The cutting length of the tube can be adjusted.
5. Two protective devices are used to secure and move the helix.
6. Automatic detection of error functions and alarms when a fault occurs.
7. Position the pipe through the sensor.
8. The compression device keeps the tube stable.
9. Automatically bind process control.
10. Can automatically locate different coils
11. Adjustable tension of different pipe rings.
12. Connect to the winder.
13. Conical roller with lifting function.

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