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Automatic steel wire winder and packing line

Automatic steel wire winder and packing line

Key features including:
  1. the ability to switch between manual and automatic modes,
  2. a programmable control system with an HMI interface,
  3. the ability to input product size parameters for automatic adjustment of packaging details,
  4. customizable packaging materials and parameters,
  5. and different packaging options such as stacking, strapping, weighing, winding, and labeling.
  6. Additionally, the system includes an automatic error reporting system for failure display,
  7. and an independent control cabinet can be assembled at a safe distance.

The wire packaging machine that is designed for offline wire packaging. The machine is capable of automatically adjusting its function settings based on simple data input, making it easy to use. The machine structure is stable, which can help to reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, the machine can work in conjunction with a trolley for easy transportation of the packaged coils. Using this machine can help to improve operational safety and work efficiency by automating the wire packaging process.

Importance advantages
  • The machine can manufacture wire coils of different specifications according to sales requirements, making it versatile.
  • The external frame is made of steel, which makes it strong and stable, and it comes in different color designs for a pleasing appearance.
  • The machine uses high-quality components from well-known brands, such as Siemens and Mitsubishi for the PLC, and AirTAC for pneumatic components.
  • The automatic alarm system can detect and prompt machine failure, making it easier to find and implement a solution.
  • The machine is easy to adjust and operate, improving the safety of workers who operate it.
  • The machine has a high packaging speed and can meet various packaging requirements, automatically generating statistics and reports to reduce packaging and labor costs.


Machine size Мах: length 8000 mm, width3000  mm, height 2000 mm
Wire coil width 100-300mm
Inner diameter 250-550mm
Outer diameter 400-700mm
Weight 10-50Kg
Straps 2/4
Conveying speed 1 - 3 m/min
Voltage AC 220/380V, 50/60 Hz

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